CBD In It’s Purest Form, Not All CBD Products Are The Same

Jun 1, 2021
The Purest Form Of CBD Based On Science. Just like golf swings, not all CBD products are the same - and the science proves it. In fact, very few CBD products a...

CBD for Sports: Why Athletes are Turning to THC-Free Hemp Extracts for Improved Performance

May 13, 2021
CBD could be a game-changer for athletes. Consumers use this all-natural supplement for a wealth of reasons, and more recently, hemp extract is making rounds in the ...

CBD and Muscles: Soothe and Relax the Tension

Apr 8, 2021
See Why CBD Is The Go-to For Natural Pain Relief CBD, or to use its scientific moniker cannabidiol, is gathering attention as a post-workout recovery aid to relie...

4 Ways CBD Can Benefit Your Golf Game

Nov 18, 2020
Golfers have, by and large, had it good during COVID as many courses have remained open and, with a less packed schedule, many have even had more time on their hands...

CBD and Sport – Why Are Athletes Incorporating CBD To Better Their Sports Performance

Sep 28, 2020
Exercise can put a lot of physical and mental strain on your body and, for professional athletes, the stakes are much higher. It’s for this reason that athletes fr...

CBD & Sport – Can It Enhance Performance & Alleviate Muscle Pain?

Jul 13, 2020
How can CBD support athletes as they try to speed up their recovery from injuries and enhance their performance? If you’re a professional athlete, you wil...

CBD & Professional Sport: Will I Pass A Drug Test?

Jun 30, 2020
If you are a professional sportsperson and you use CBD products, could it jeopardise your career? Drug testing regularly occurs in the sporting world. Athletes are...

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