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The Lowdown on CBD Tea: What You Need to Know

Apr 8, 2021
The New Favourite Way To Ingest Tasty CBD With the rise in functional food, CBD tea is leading the way in natural wellness. Tea is a ubiquitous part of everyda...

Michael Walker – My Story in Cannabis

Oct 29, 2020
My Story in Cannabis Michael Walker - Founder & CEO  My journey into the world of Hemp and Cannabis was not one that I would have ever considered - certainl...

CBD Gummies – Everything You Need To Know

Oct 21, 2020
Gummies were among the first CBD-infused sweets to become mainstream, and they continue to grow in popularity. But what exactly is a gummy? They’re a type o...
CBD Gummies – Everything You Need To Know


CBD Carrier Oil – What Is Carrier Oil & Why Is It Needed?

Mar 2, 2021
The bottle that you receive when you buy drops doesn’t just have CBD in it. The CBD is combined with another natural, organic substance called a carrier oil. This ...

Are Hemp Oil And CBD The Same Thing?

Nov 10, 2020
Are you looking for the short answer? That’s an easy one…. No. They are absolutely not the same thing. Their manufacturing processes are completely diff...

How Much CBD Oil Should I Be Taking Regularly?

Nov 4, 2020
6 Steps to Find the Right CBD Dosage for Your Needs Deciding that CBD is the way forward for your health concerns is one thing, but that’s just the first step. ...
How Much CBD Oil Should I Be Taking Regularly?


Can CBD Support Your Immune System?

Jun 26, 2020
In 2019, the Centre of Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) in the UK issued a report that highlighted the growing popularity of cannabidiol, or CBD, among the population....

The Endocannabinoid System – A Simple Guide To How It Works

Jun 2, 2020
The Endocannabinoid System - A Simple Guide To How It Works The endocannabinoid system has been shrouded in mystery since its discovery in 1992. Most cannab...
The Endocannabinoid System – A Simple Guide To How It Works

CBD & Sport

CBD for Sports: Why Athletes are Turning to THC-Free Hemp Extracts for Improved Performance

May 13, 2021
CBD could be a game-changer for athletes. Consumers use this all-natural supplement for a wealth of reasons, and more recently, hemp extract is making rounds in the ...

CBD and Muscles: Soothe and Relax the Tension

Apr 8, 2021
See Why CBD Is The Go-to For Natural Pain Relief CBD, or to use its scientific moniker cannabidiol, is gathering attention as a post-workout recovery aid to relie...

4 Ways CBD Can Benefit Your Golf Game

Nov 18, 2020
Golfers have, by and large, had it good during COVID as many courses have remained open and, with a less packed schedule, many have even had more time on their hands...

CBD & Medicine

CBD for Pain and Pain Perception

Sep 21, 2020
The month of September has been declared Pain Awareness Month by the World Health Assembly (WHA) – the policy setting forum of the World Health Organisation (WHO...

Vaccinations and Medication: The Reason Why People Are Turning To Natural Sources

Aug 20, 2020
According to a recent survey, around 9 million people in the UK use complementary or alternative medicine, and the percentage of people turning to natural health s...

How To Naturally Boost Your Immune System (2020 Guide)

Jun 15, 2020
The global pandemic has led us all to one conclusion: there’s nothing more precious than our health. Your immune system plays an essential role in your overall w...
The Balance & Imbalance Of Your Endocannabinoid System


Novel Food Deadline

Mar 26, 2021
Novel Food Deadline Looms The CBD industry is about to experience the biggest legal shakeup since the first products entered the UK back in 2017.  Monumental cha...

Interview with Kirsty Gallacher

Mar 26, 2021
Kirsty Gallacher Reveals Her Magic Training Potion CEO: Michael Walker catches up with good friend & TV broadcaster Kirsty Gallacher who is well known for her...

Is Holland and Barrett CBD Oil Any Good? A Guide On What To Watch Out For

Sep 7, 2020
Holland and Barrett is one of the leading health and wellness retailers in the world and the largest in Europe. They have over 1300 stores in 16 countries, and in ...
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