Brazil Bourbon Santos Coffee


Brazil is the world’s leading grower and exporter of coffee beans, with a mellow flavour that makes for a very typical dark roast.

Altitude Range:  400 – 1,600 meters above sea level

Language Spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish

Harvest: May – September

Annual Coffee Production: 40 – 60 million bags

Common Varieties: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catuai, Acaia, Mundo Novo, Icatu

Bourbon Santos is a medium to high quality, wet-processed (washed) coffee from Brazil; usually shipped through the port of Santos. Santos is a market name.

Our Brazilian Bourbon Santos has a light to medium body, yields a low acidity, and has a very pleasant aroma. The Bourbon coffee plant varietal (Coffea arabica var. bourbon) tends to produce coffees that are fruiter and brighter (more acidic) than other Brazil coffees.

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