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CBD Bundles

CBD Bundles

Save 20% on our core bundle options. Our premium bundles offer a variety of ways to use CBD whether it be ingested or topical to help regulate everything from your mood, digestion, anxiety, sleep, inflammation, stress, or just to optimise your day.

  • CBD Tea Bundle

    Time for Tea – CBD Tea Trio

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  • CBD sports bundle

    CBD Sports Bundle

    £99.00 Select options
  • CBD recipe Bundle

    Stacy Rae Limited Edition CBD Recipe Bundle

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  • hemp oil for sleep

    CBD Sleep Bundle

    From: £88.00 Select options
  • CBD Starter Kit

    Purity CBD Starter Kit

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Can topic & ingestible CBD be used together?

How To Use Your Bundles

Using topics & ingestibles together

Yes you can take the oil or any of our ingestible products at the same time you use a topical CBD product. The topical gel penetrates and targets key areas while our ingestibles work throughout the body.

Can I drink the teas during the day?

Yes all our teas are designed for consuming throughout the day and into the evening. CBD Teas are designed to moderate how you feel whether its anxiety that needs calming or to tackle insomnia.

Can I take CBD Oil & Tea together?

Our CBD teas are a low dose at 5mg per tea bag so can be taken along CBD oil. Our oils are stronger and we recommend starting with a small dose (1-2 drops) twice a day and increase to find your perfect dosage.

How do hot & cold roll-ons work?

Both are designed to numb the painful area while increasing circulation and allowing the CBD to penetrate the area to heal the muscle. Some customers like the cooling effect pre workout or first thing on a stiff area then increase the circulation post workout or end of day with the self heating, which is a little more intense. Apply gently if after a warm bath as your circulation is already increased.

Difference between Sleep & Insomnia Bundle?

Our Sleep well Starter Kit is & Harmony bundle is made up of our lowest CBD Oil strength 5% and recommend for first time CBD users, while our No More Insomnia contains our best selling oil our 20% medium strength for someone that has used CBD before. Both are a 10ml bottle.

How does the Heat Wrap work?

This pack contains 2 fabric wraps (15cm x 15cm) and can be cut up as needed. Recommended for long term use for pain relief at a desk or long haul travel. Place on the effected area and feel the relief. For extra intensity can be stored in the fridge.

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