CBD Gummies – Everything You Need To Know

Gummies were among the first CBD-infused sweets to become mainstream, and they continue to grow in popularity. But what exactly is a gummy?

They’re a type of CBD edible, along with CBD-infused chocolate, cakes, syrups, granola bars, cookies and honey. They are made with CBD oil (which is extracted from industrial hemp), which is infused into a gummy sweet. They’re available in a range of fun shapes, colours, flavours and strengths. So, in essence, they’re similar to a regular gummy, but with the added benefit of CBD.

Unfortunately, not all CBD gummies are created equal, so we’re going to take an in-depth look at what makes them a good choice, whether they’re legal, what dosage you should consider and how to choose the right gummy brand.

Why choose CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are ideal if you’re looking for a slow-release, broad effect. They offer a number of benefits over other CBD products, including:


Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD contain, in addition to high levels of CBD, a number of other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and more. Together they give CBD its distinctive flavour that is quite off-putting to many people. This can often mean that people who are interested in CBD look for alternatives that are a bit more palatable and that’s where CBD gummies come into their own. Almost all gummies have some flavouring, and the different options add some fun to the purchasing decision.

Accurate Dosing

If you’re worried about accurate dosing, CBD gummies are ideal. They contain exactly the same amount of CBD in each gummy, so you know exactly how much you are taking. This makes it easier to track your consumption and measure the effects.

Lifestyle Compatibility

CBD edibles like gummies are discreet so you can consume CBD throughout the day. Eating a few gummy bears won’t attract attention, and makes your snack time something to look forward to.

All the benefits of CBD

As long as you choose a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD gummy, you can enjoy the ‘entourage effect’, where the different compounds contained in the CBD work in synergy to produce an effect that is greater than any of the compounds offer when taken individually.

Ideal for those who are new to CBD

CBD is an accessible health-supporting supplement for many people but, because there are so many options available, getting started can be overwhelming. Gummies are a great introduction to CBD because you can find a product that ticks the boxes, and start taking them right away simply by reading the product label and dosage instructions.

Also, ingesting CBD means that the effects are more gradual as your liver slowly breaks down the CBD and releases the cannabinoids into your bloodstream. So, while it may take upwards of 30 minutes to feel the effects, you’ll likely experience them for longer.

Can CBD gummies get you high?

No. CBD gummies sold in the UK are made from CBD extracted from industrial hemp that contains extremely low levels of THC (if you’re taking full-spectrum gummies), and absolutely no THC (if you’re taking broad-spectrum or CBD isolate gummies). THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana that is associated with giving you a ‘high’. CBD, in contrast, has no psychoactive effects.

Are CBD gummies legal in the UK?

This question comes up a lot because many people often put marijuana and CBD in the same category. While they are both derived from cannabis, the levels of cannabinoids in the plants are very different.

Marijuana is a controlled substance because it contains high levels of THC. Cannabidiol products are different as the type of cannabis plant used (industrial hemp), contains less than 0.2% THC, making it legal to buy, possess and consume.

What CBD gummy dosage should I use?

The right dosage of CBD is different for everyone, so the right amount to take will vary from person to person. If you have taken CBD before, you may have some idea of what the correct dose is for you, but if you are trying CBD for the first time, it’s best to start with a lower dose and gradually increase the number of gummies you consume. Start with one gummy and wait an hour to see what effects you experience. If it is not enough, you can have another one. The brand and strength of the gummies will have a significant impact on how long it takes to feel the effects and the magnitude of the effects that you enjoy.

If you have tried CBD before, but are new to gummies, keep in mind that it may take a bit longer than you’re used to (especially if you’ve been using CBD oil or vaping), to feel the effects. If you have a good idea of the dose you need, ingest the gummies then wait an hour before taking any more.

Broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD gummies are generally considered to be more effective than using CBD isolate gummies. And you’ll need a bit of time to work out what your ideal dosage is.

According to UK government regulations, the maximum daily allowed dosage of CBD is 70mg. This means that you can have between one and seven gummies every day, depending on their strength.

How do I choose the right gummies?

The CBD industry in the UK is largely unregulated, so while there are some great brands making important contributions in the field of CBD, this is sadly often the exception, rather than the rule. As the choice of gummies continues to expand, how do you choose the right one?

You’re looking for:

  • Transparency, how much do they share about where they source their CBD and how is it extracted.
  • Third-party testing, an independent laboratory should be testing each product for purity and quality, and those results should be available to consumers.
  • Reviews, see what other people are saying about the company (Trustpilot is often a good place to start).

There’s no way around it; you need to do your homework before jumping in and making a purchase. You should always seek to purchase CBD gummies from a reputable seller that has good reviews, a transparent sourcing and extraction process and third-party lab reports. Purity Hemp Company, for example, has all this and more. They offer a comprehensive research and news section so you can learn more about the latest developments in the field, a customer support team to answer any questions, certification for each product uploaded on the website and a commitment to sourcing and producing only the best CBD products.

When it comes to CBD gummies, to get the effects you’re looking for, the brand you choose is often just as important as the dose you take. With a number of studies showing that even well-known brands don’t always accurately label their products, you can’t afford to make a snap purchase decision and choose the first product you come across. Transparency and available lab reports are key to finding the right CBD gummies.

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