CBD for Sports: Why Athletes are Turning to THC-Free Hemp Extracts for Improved Performance

CBD could be a game-changer for athletes. Consumers use this all-natural supplement for a wealth of reasons, and more recently, hemp extract is making rounds in the sports world. Athletes at all levels of competition are adding all-natural CBD oil to their fitness routine to help with inflammation and pain relief, improve performance and speed up muscle recovery.

However, a concern that many have with these cannabinoid-rich blends is the THC content. THC is a psychoactive compound that creates a “high” feeling. Potentially, THC could present similar side effects as drugs like steroids and amphetamines.
With high-quality, certified CBD products, this need not be a concern. Consumers can choose THC-free CBD oils, which don’t contravene anti-doping rules, meaning that athletes can turn to CBD without any risk of addiction or dependence.

All major professional sports organizations worldwide agree that CBD is legal to use in competition, providing it is THC-free. In fact, we are incredibly proud to announce Purity Hemp’s recent partnership with the Professional Cricketers’ Association, the representative body of first-class cricketers in England and Wales.

Could CBD products boost your sporting accomplishments? Here are the factors to consider.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over 500 naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. The other phytochemicals include terpenes, responsible for the aroma, fragrance, flavonoids, and other vital nutrients. Each offers wellness advantages, and they work together to provide a better overall response, called the entourage effect.

Over 140 of these bioactive compounds are found in this popular plant’s trichomes, the tiny growths that resemble hairs on the leaves.
Another phytocannabinoid found in the cannabis plant is THC. Because this phytochemical is psychoactive, its typically the primary cannabinoid in question when discussing the legality of CBD formulas.

CBD for Muscle Recovery

There are many reasons consumers are flocking to all-natural plant products. One compelling motivation for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike is CBD for muscle recovery. It has the potential to increase how fast the muscles heal from a challenging workout. The underlying reason for this mechanism could be the plant’s anti-inflammation characteristics.

Muscles are often inflamed following intense exercise because they develop minuscule tears in the fibres. While this is a natural process, it requires rest to heal the damage, which isn’t something you should skip. But by working smarter, you can reduce how long it takes to recover and get back to the weights, training, or your next competition.

Tara LaFerrara, a former sprinter and a NASM certified trainer, explained to MensHealth.com why she uses CBD.

“As a personal trainer and someone that works out every day and really pushes myself a lot, I noticed the biggest difference in inflammation and stress after a workout.” She continues, “It basically manages and prevents my joint inflammation, that aching kind of feeling, that I’d get after a heavy lift day.”

Improve Sports Performance with CBD

Sports performance has many contributing factors that combine health, skill, and mental agility. The essential components of sports performance include:

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Reaction time
  • Balance
  • Body composition coordination

Faster muscle recovery can help boost wellness and improve these skills. In addition to inflammatory properties, hemp extracts offer more advantages in sports

Many consumers choose hemp to enhance the quality of sleep. However, muscle recovery requires additional rest. Taking CBD might help with anxious thoughts and other stressors that can keep you awake at night. Without the extras weighing down your mind, sleep may come more readily.

The plant’s potential to reduce stress and lessen anxiety also helps you stay on point while training and competing. This response, or lack thereof, is how you stay focused. Whether you’re going heads up against an opponent or facing a challenging match, it can improve your speed, agility, reaction time, and balance.

Is CBD Legal for Competitive Sports?

Yes and no. It depends on the specific organization. Most international sports associations and competitions, including the Olympics, follow the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) guidelines.

In 2019, WADA changed its stance on the hemp extract, removing it from the banned substance list. However, the association is clear that the only approved compound from the plant is CBD. Any trace of THC will result in a failed drug test and bar the athlete from competition.

“CBD is not prohibited; however, athletes should be aware that some CBD oils and tinctures extracted from cannabis plants may also contain THC and other cannabinoids that could result in a positive test for a prohibited cannabinoid.”

To gain the muscle recovery and sports performance advantages of CBD, athletes must use THC-free formulas.

What is THC-Free CBD?

WADA’s rule regarding CBD may sound confusing, but it’s not. There are three main hemp blends. The full-spectrum contains all 500-plus compounds, including a trace amount of THC, which is enough to show up on a sensitive drug screening.
To combat the risk of positive tests and yet provide quality CBD for athletes and anyone who goes through regular drug testing, the broad-spectrum formula was developed. This mixture removes the THC and keeps the other compounds.

Importance of a BSCG Badge

Always look for the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) badge when you buy premium CBD products. At Purity Hemp, we display our BSCG badges proudly.
Brands with this designation are tested for quality, potency, contaminants, and phytocannabinoid levels. The hemp extract industry is saturated with brands at all levels, and they’re not all trustworthy. You can safely use CBD for muscle recovery and improved performance. But to stay within WADA’s guidelines, it must be THC-free.


A BSCG badge guarantees each CBD batch goes through extensive zero THC testing protocols to remain within federal and international policies. Don’t lose your place in a competition you’ve trained for years because of trace amounts of THC. Only purchase wellness products with the BSCG badge for THC-free assurance.
However, the BSCG badge is about more than one compound in hemp extracts. It covers the entire spectrum of safety for plant-based items. The certification and testing process includes several essential steps for quality assurance.

What Does BSCG Certified CBD Offer?

Phytocannabinoid and CBD Content
This step verifies the total cannabinoid content and percentage of the content that’s CBD.

THC Limited Verified
For full-spectrum products, the lab checks for legal compliance, which requires each product to contain 0.2% THC or less in the UK. In the US, federal law permits 0.3% THC. Purity Hemp’s 10% CBD oil is BSCG certified as 0% THC.

WADA Prohibited Substances
The WADA prohibited substance review looks for any banned components, including THC.

Prescription, OTC, and Illicit Drugs
BSCG certification includes this option to prevent brands from adding any illegal substances to the CBD.

Heavy Metals, Pesticides, and Solvents
Banned substances are dangerous for your game, but heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents can be deadly to your health. These contaminants can occur naturally from the soil or occur during the cultivation process when brands purposely use chemicals to stop insects from infesting the plants. On the other hand, solvents can leach into products, depending on the extraction method.

Synthetic Cannabinoids
Synthetic cannabinoids are any manufactured compounds that mimic the response of phytocannabinoids. These are dangerous and will automatically disqualify athletes from competition.

Good Manufacturing Practices Audit
Also known as GMP, these are quality standards during processing that minimize the risk to consumers. It requires safe, clean equipment, materials handling, and complete laboratory control systems to prevent errors that can lead to dangerous products. For wellness items, this includes reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.

Label, Claims, and Compliance Review
What you see on the label is what you should see on a certificate of analysis or COA. This quality review verifies the potency, ingredients, and formula match. It’s not only for safety and quality but also for preventing consumers from purchasing THC products when the label shows it’s THC-free. This outcome could be devastating to their sports career.

Play it Safe with Purity Hemp CBD Products

When you buy one of our CBD products, you’re guaranteed the highest quality. Purity Hemp’s CBD oil is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids yet completely safe and legal for athletes of all levels.
Remember that even though some CBD brands claim to be THC free, only a select few, including Purity Hemp, have been through rigorous 3rd party testing and have the certification to prove it.

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