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Our connection with the natural benefits of premium CBD Oil extract, derived from both the Hemp Flower and the valuable bi-products of the Hemp Plant, dates back to early 2010. After watching the physical and mental health of family & friends rapidly deteriorate with the treatment of synthetic pharmaceutical medicine alone, I witnessed the life-changing effects that premium CBD Oil was having on people of all ages.

Our team channels the passion we have for improving life as nature intended through Purity Hemp Co®. A global brand pioneering a new era of Cannabis and Hemp-derived wellness products, backed by science and product traceability. Here in the United Kingdom and across Europe, our customers continue to benefit from the purest ingredients whilst improving their mental & physical health and overall well-being.

Michael Walker


The Path To Purity

Backed by science & built on the principles of Traceability, Transparently & Trust – the Purity Hemp Company® is dedicated to improving the health & well-being of all our customers.


We believe that product traceability is one of the most important considerations for anyone looking to buy CBD Oils or infused products. Our highly experienced farmers grow and harvest only the very best organic Hemp. Nutrient-rich soil, clean water sources, and predictable climates allow us to produce the perfect plant. Our team of on-site scientists continually tests for quality during the growing cycle, ensuring our plants are maturing flawlessly. We are one of the only companies to guarantee full traceability from seed to shelf.


In an industry rife with misleading and inferior products, we believe that open and honest communication with our partners, our people and most importantly our customers is key to establishing trust and building the credibility of our brand.

More than just CBD

We are passionate about improving life as nature intended. We believe in the science of CBD and freely share our knowledge in the hope that we can continue to help, and support thousands of customers improve their mental and physical well being.

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