3 Surprising Benefits Of Hemp Tea

It might be time to abandon your daily dose of caffeine in favour of hemp tea, which potentially has a range of natural therapeutic benefits. In this article, we are going to explore 3 surprising benefits of this amazing beverage!

Hemp tea is designed to be consumed as a food supplement and should not be used to directly treat specific ailments. Instead, you should consult with a medical profession, such as your GP or pharmacist, on any ailments that you are currently experiencing and they can point you towards the most appropriate method of care. It’s important to distinguish between the two different types of tea – young and mature.

What is Young Hemp Tea?

‘Young’ tea comes from the dry clippings of the cannabis plant during infancy. This typically has very low CBD content, with the tea mostly being used as a source of vitamins. Young hemp tea can be purchased in both loose bags and tea bags.

What is Mature Hemp Tea?

‘Mature’ tea is derived from older cannabis plants. As a result, this tea contains significantly more CBD than young tea. CBD comes with an abundance of potential therapeutic benefits that you can gain access to from drinking mature hemp tea. In fact, let’s explore the 3 most surprising benefits right now:

Positive Impact on Anxiety

There has been some research to suggest that CBD has the potential to provide therapeutic relief during times of great stress and anxiety. The process of drinking tea can itself, in many ways, be seen as a therapeutic experience. Mature hemp tea that is CBD-rich could provide you with an additional sense of calm and overall wellbeing.

Positive Impact on Chronic Pain

A research study has suggested that CBD can provide relief to those suffering from inflammatory and neuropathic pain. These are widely regarded as the two most challenging types of pain to effectively alleviate. Mature hemp tea contains plenty of CBD to potentially offer support to those suffering from chronic pain.

Positive Impact on Sleep

There appears to be a correlation between CBD intake and improved sleep. According to a recent study on psychiatric patients, 70% of participating patients that took CBD had noticeably improved sleep. This presents an interesting relationship between CBD and sleep that still needs to be explored further, particularly in relation to specific products like mature tea.


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